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17 - 21 Oct, 2021
Virtually from Kanazawa, Japan
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Coding is known as an effective approach to deal with some of the major challenges in distributed information systems in terms of security of the network, privacy of the data, and efficiency of the resource management. The current solutions are often based on expanding the existing coding tools and techniques, still following the conventional mindset. In this talk, we argue that there are some major scenarios and thread models that do not conform with the traditional rules. For example: (1) Coding techniques are often designed for "exact error-free decoding". However, in some scenarios, e.g. straggler-resistance computing for machine learning, only an "approximate decoding" is enough, (2) In conventional coding techniques, "input sources" are supposed to be conveyed and decoded correctly. However, in some scenarios (e.g. sharded blockchains), some parts of "input symbols" are chosen and distributed adversarially to prevent "other input symbols" from being recovered correctly. In this talk, we will review some solutions and bounds for those scenarios and discuss some open problems.
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Social Event
Gather (link to Gather is in this session)
Welcome Reception: Opening greeting, Introduction of organizing committee members, Address from TPC co-chairs, Announcement of other social events, Today’s lottery. 
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Invited Session
Machine Learning
One of the four invited sessions at ITW2021, this session has five presentations on machine learning for communications and related areas.