Paper Submission Guidelines

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Manuscripts should not exceed 5 pages, plus an optional extra page containing references only. The abstract length in the manuscript should be between 30-300 words. Manuscripts should be submitted in US letter format, with font size no smaller than 10 points. They should have reasonable margins on all the 4 sides of the text, and top and bottom margins should be at least 0.5 inches. Papers should have no page numbers and no headers or footers. All fonts should be embedded in the pdf file.

Click here to download paper templates in .tex and .docx format, although the use of Latex is strongly encouraged.

Authors are encouraged to submit previously unpublished contributions in any area related to information theory and coding. The deadline for paper registration and submission is the 14th of May at 11:59 PM, Anywhere on Earth (AoE, UTC-12).

Questions regarding paper submission (copyright transfer, EDAS, PDF formatting, etc.) should be directed to [email protected]