Live Session and Social Event

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and resulting travel restrictions, ITW has shifted to a fully virtual format and opted to have LIVE presentation and Q&A for attendees to interact with authors, plenary speakers and tutorial presenters.

The ITW technical program can be found here:

Live Sessions

Zoom live sessions can be accessed through the virtual conference platform.The access information of the conference platform will be delivered to registrants of the workshop. If you have not registered yet, please do so via

Each regular and invited live session will consists of

  • Session chair’s introduction
  • 4 minutes live (not prerecorded) presentation
  • 4 minutes live Q&A after each talk
  • There will be 3 talks in each session (except invited sessions)

Since regular sessions and invited sessions are not recorded, please do not miss it!
Tutorial and plenary sessions are recorded, and will be uploaded to the conference platform.

During the session, please note the following instruction:

  • Please change your Zoom account as “Your Name”.
  • Please one of the three background images provided below
  • During the session, please mute you microphone.
  • You can ask questions either via the chat box or by raising hand.
  • When you are designated to ask a question, please unmute your microphone, turn on video (recommended), and ask question.


During Zoom live sessions, please use one of the following three background images (click on one image to get its full-resolution version):

background-A Background-B Background-C


Social Events

You can also socialize at the virtual platform, Gather Town.Gather Town can be accessed from the "Join Live Session" link in the Socialize sessions.

On Oct. 18 Monday, from 10pm (Japan time), we will have a welcome reception at Gather Town. Please join us.

Also, everyday from Oct. 18 Monday to Oct. 21 Thursday, at 10:30pm (Japan time), we will have a lottery event at Gather Town. Winners will get a gorgeous Kanazawa specialty gift. Please join us. Specialty gifts are:

  • Monday/Wednesday: an ornament of Kaga Mizuhiki (“Mizuhiki” is the curving symbol used at the center of the ITW 2021 logo; “Kaga” is the old name of Kanazawa)
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Kaga Yuzen Handkerchief

For how Gather Town works and how social events are conducted, please watch the following video: